Easy home made guinea pig beds (suitable for other small animals too).

I thought I’d share my idea for home made small animal beds. I have adopted rescue guinea pigs for many years and recently renovated their piggy mansion. My pigs love to snuggle but the shop bought guinea pig pockets can be quite expensive so I thought I’d try making my own.  I wanted something quick and easy that wouldn’t require sewing so was delighted to find a job lot of fleece hats and scarves on ebay.


To create a stiff rim for the bed, I used some plastic cable protector from Ikea but hose pipe, or any plastic tubing or bendy pipe would do.


I cut a small hole in the bottom of the rim of the hat (on the outside) and threaded the pipe through.

20141106_144410 20141106_144458

Then it was trimmed it off to length, allowing an overlap so I could tuck one end inside the other.


I pushed the pipe right down to the bottom of the rim and folded it over to keep it taut and to cover the hole – it could quickly be stitched first if you prefer.20141106_14473420141106_144311

Finally, I cut the scarf in half and folded it up to create a blanket – this helps to maintain the shape of the bed too.


There we have it, in less than five minutes a washable, cosy bed for your animal friend to snuggle in. You can have fun with different colour combinations and styles. George, my biggest guinea pig likes to tip the bed up and sprawl out across the rim whereas the female piggies  Winky, Rita, Mavis and Mo use them as hidey holes. The girls fit these beds snugly so rats, degus, hedgehogs, hamsters and other small furries would find them slightly roomier. You could make the entrance smaller by using shorter pipe and gathering the material on the rim.

I’ll include photos of the beds in use as soon asap!

Please make sure any materials you use are safe – my piggies don’t chew, but I will remove any of the beds if they become damaged.

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