Make it Possible – Animals Australia

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I became vegetarian and then vegan after discovering what factory farming was. Having always kept pets, I could never quite get my head around eating cows, sheep, pigs and chickens when I was living with and caring deeply for gerbils, guinea pigs, cats and dogs. Once I looked further into the hidden truths of intensive farming, I never ate an animal again.

My personal choice is not to have an animal die just so that I can have a specific taste in my mouth (after all, animal protein is not a requirement for survival). I cannot think of any other sense (sight, touch or smell) for which the suffering endured by animals in factory farms and the abattoir would be deemed acceptable. I’m not an unrealistic bunny hugger, I realise that the whole world won’t become vegan, though I’d like to think that we will become more compassionate towards animals in the future. I strongly believe that willingness to consume a fellow creature who has unnecessarily suffered and died for you should go hand in hand with respect for it as an individual, living being. As respect requires knowledge, we should all be strong enough to face the reality of where our food comes from. Make an informed choice.

Factory farming is the number one cause of animal cruelty today, can you imagine a world without it?

Animals Australia can.

Let the little winged pig fly into your heart and watch the thought provoking TV advert below (no graphic footage included) and sign the pledge to make possible a world without factory farming:

I could write an entire book on my views about this subject, but for now the rant is over. If you take only one thing from this post, please let it be to think about whats on your plate – remember that your meal was once a living, breathing, feeling animal just like you.

End factory farming – YOU can make it possible.